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From the exhilarating roar of engines to the intense rush of adrenaline, the journey of Robert Doornbos in the world of motorsports has been a remarkable one. A former Formula 1 and Indycar driver, Robert’s passion for racing has been a defining aspect of his life. His career reflects not just his talent behind the wheel, but also a deep understanding of the mechanics and strategies of racing.

Formula 1

His career in Formula 1 was marked by significant performances with teams such as Minardi and Red Bull Racing. Though, his time in F1 was not just about competing at the highest level of motorsports. It was also about learning, evolving, and pushing the limits. During his time in F1, Robert refined his skills, adapted to incredibly high standards of performance, and embraced the challenges that come with being at the top tier of racing.


Transitioning to the Indycar series, Robert found a new arena to showcase his skills. His time in Indycar was highlighted by podium finishes and a reputation as a competitive and resilient driver. He demonstrated not just his racing competence but also his ability to adapt to different racing formats and strategies. In Indycar, Robert covered his status as a versatile, formidable driver, skilled in various racing environments.

Away from the racetrack, Robert’s motorsport career is a testament to his dedication and hard work. From aspiring racer to Formula 1 and Indycar peaks, Robert’s journey displays immense commitment and skill. His story, though less about the dramatics of racing, is truly about the strategic thinking, agility, and determination needed to succeed in this competitive field. Robert’s motorsport journey goes beyond racing; it represents living the sport and mastering it at the highest levels. His experience in professional racing laid the foundation for his diverse career, including his roles in broadcasting and public speaking.

  • Name
    Robert Doornbos
  • Date of birth
    23 September 1981
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • 2004
    Int. F3000 Rookie of the Year 2nd place championship
  • 2005
    F1 official race driver Minardi F1 Team
  • 2006
    F1 official race driver Red Bull Racing
  • 2007
    Champ Car World Series Rookie of the Year
  • 2008
    A1 GP Team Netherlands race winner
  • 2009
    Indy Car Series for Newman Haas & HVM
  • 2010
    Super League Formula Corinthians
  • 2011
    Super League Formula Team Japan 2nd place



Keynote & Public Speaking

Leveraging his experiences from the racetrack, Robert has become a sought-after Keynote Speaker. He has inspired audiences in The Netherlands, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, in dynamic cities like London, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. He shares insights on Motivation, Peak Performance, Entrepreneurship, and the drive to succeed. His keynote & public speaking sessions inspire and ignite passion. He draws parallels between the high-speed world of racing and the fast-paced demands of modern business. These include the latest trends in Data & Strategy, IT, Cloud Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship. His global reach has made him a distinguished speaker, connecting with diverse audiences in some of the world’s most prominent business hubs.

Robert captivates audiences with his storytelling and engaging presentation style. His ability to connect with people through public speaking, has elevated his status as a versatile and influential communicator. Whether addressing corporate executives, entrepreneurs, or a wider public audience, Robert’s compelling talks offer valuable lessons from the racetrack, relevant to various aspects of life and business. Robert’s expertise in public speaking has enhanced his recognition as a dynamic and influential speaker internationally.



Robert Doornbos – Broadcasting

Robert Doornbos, with his extensive background in motorsports, has seamlessly transitioned from being a celebrated figure on the racetracks to a distinguished presence in the broadcasting world. As a TV host for several channels in The Netherlands, Robert brings knowledge and a unique perspective to motorsports broadcasting. His presence on television and commentary roles at sporting events around the globe have made him a familiar face and voice to fans of racing.

With his expert analysis and behind-the-scenes insights, Robert enriches the viewing experience weekly at the Dutch Ziggo Sport Race Cafe. His commentary is not just about explaining the nuances of racing but also about bringing the high-octane world of motorsports closer to the audience. He effortlessly bridges the gap between the technical complexities of racing and the excitement that viewers seek from the sport.

Bringing the Track to Your Screen

Robert’s approach to broadcasting is characterized by his enthusiasm and passion for racing. His racing experience enriches his commentary with deep strategy, condition, and performance analysis. He often shares anecdotes from his racing days, offering a personal touch that adds to the richness of his commentary.

In addition to his work on Dutch television, Robert’s expertise is sought after globally. He has been a guest commentator at various international sporting events, where his insights are greatly valued. In these roles, he demonstrates a remarkable ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Robert’s aim in his broadcasting career has been to make motorsports more accessible and enjoyable for viewers. He achieves this by not only sharing his knowledge and love for racing, but also by conveying the excitement and drama that make motorsports a thrilling spectacle. His commitment to enhancing the viewers’ understanding and enjoyment of racing has made him a respected and influential figure in the world of sports broadcasting.

Through his work, Robert Doornbos continues to be an ambassador for motorsports. He aims to inspire new generations of fans and keeping the spirit of racing alive in the hearts of many. His contributions to broadcasting have significantly enriched the way motorsports are presented and enjoyed among viewers.



Entrepreneur & Investor

Beyond the racetrack, Robert has ventured into the realms of entrepreneurship and investment as well as peoples’ development. His focus is on supporting innovative startups and technologies, particularly those that can positively impact society and the environment. He has been spearheading several successful enterprises himself, and is always delighted to share his experiences with young brilliant startups.






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