Guest speaking

Robert Doornbos brings a unique blend of charisma, insight, and expertise to every guest speaking and keynote event. Drawing from his career in Formula 1 and Indycar racing, Robert captivates audiences with stories of high-speed decision-making, precision under pressure, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. He translates the adrenaline-fueled world of professional racing into powerful lessons on Strategy, Resilience, and Teamwork.
In his presentations, Robert delves into the parallels between the fast-paced world of racing and modern business, addressing the latest trends in Data & Strategy, IT, Cloud Technology, Innovation, and Sustainability. His talks also encompass themes of Entrepreneurship, illustrating how the principles of racing can be applied to entrepreneurial ventures and various aspects of business. These topics are not only relevant and tailored to his audience but are also filled with the credibility that comes from a career spent performing at the highest levels of motorsport.
Whether addressing corporate leaders, sports enthusiasts, or diverse gatherings, Robert’s engaging style and profound insights inspire and motivate. He drives home the message that the principles of success on the racetrack are just as applicable in the boardroom and beyond, offering valuable insights into a wide array of fields and industries.



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IT & Cloud Technology

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